JWoww Reveals Her Baby's Gender & It's Snooki's Dream Come True

I was thrilled when I heard Jersey Shore alum JWoww was pregnant with her first child. I am even more excited to hear what she is having. The star revealed today that ... it's ... a ... girl! Yippee! Jenni admits she was emotional and very surprised when she discovered her baby's sex and that she just felt like it was a boy all along. And it seems like she and fiance Roger Mathews are already making big plans for their little princess. 


JWoww says she wants to be her daughter's best friend and can't wait to take her to her first dance class. She also admits she was a less than ideal teenager and expects her girl to give her more than a few headaches when she turns 13. 

Roger, on the other hand, is just looking forward to spoiling his peanut. He knows exactly what car he wants to buy her on her Sweet Sixteen -- assuming she gets good grades in school. How cute are they?! It was clear Roger was worried about becoming a dad and anxious that he wouldn't do a decent job, but I feel really good about them and think they're going to make great parents. Both he and Jenni are obviously so in love with their daughter already -- and she won't be born until July. I have a feeling Jenni is going to be the strict one and Roger's just going to be an adorable sap around his daughter. 

This news is also very exciting for other Jersey Shore cast members. I am sure JWoww's BFF Snooki is already planning baby Lorenzo's wedding to Jenni's little girl. I have to admit I would love to see their two babies play together and, more than ever before, am really hoping MTV renews their show. 

One thing is for sure. This child is going to have quite the wardrobe. Snooki took to Twitter today to reveal her excitement:

So happy for them. Congrats, Jenni and Roger!

What kind of parents do you think JWoww and Roger will be? Any girl name predictions?


Image via Twitter

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