'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Deals With Her Cursing Toddler in a Very Grown-Up Way

Jenelle Evans JaceIf you missed the season premiere of Teen Mom 2 on MTV last night, you missed a kid dropping more f-bombs than your average gangsta rapper. Who could it be? Jace Evans, aka the toddler son of one Jenelle Evans.

Ever had one of those moments where you laugh hysterically at someone else's kid being really bad because thank God it's not your kid for once? That's what watching Jace badger his mom and grandmother, Barbara Evans, with the f-word was like. Jace's potty mouth is funny because we all know how close we've come to parenting THAT kid ... and we're kind of scared of having to handle it ourselves.

Wondering how to tame a toddler's potty mouth? I've got a good trick -- from the most surprising source on earth. Jenelle Evans!


Having seen an advance screener of the Teen Mom 2 premiere before sitting down with Jenelle Evans for a chat in New York City last week, I had already seen (and, yes, laughed at) Jace cursing up a blue streak. But the show began filming in early 2013, so I wondered -- had Jenelle figured out how to curb her toddler's cursing yet?

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She shared with us when Jace curses ... and what she's done to stop it: 

He does it to get a reaction out of my mom. When he comes to stay with me and Nathan for the weekends, he doesn't curse .. at all.

My mom will call me up when me and Nathan are sitting at home and be like, "Why. Is. He. Destroying. Everything? Why. Is. He. Cussing at me?" And I'll be like, "I don't know what to tell you. I can talk to him, but I don't know."

Nathan and I are like, "No offense Barbara, but maybe we have different parenting styles." You know?

When Jace used to cuss around me and Nathan, we'd ignore it. I've been to parenting classes because of probation. And they said, "When he starts cursing, you just ignore it because they want that reaction." I told my mom that, and she's like, "Well, by the fifth time, I'm just like, 'Stop it! Shut up!'"

And I'm like, "Just keep ignoring it!"


It may go against your instincts to ignore a cursing toddler, but it's solid advice! Kids love getting attention -- even negative attention. When they stop getting it, a lot of bad behaviors go away!

Do you have a cursing kid? Willing to follow Jenelle Evans' advice?


Image via MTV

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