Kate Gosselin's Twins Clam Up on 'The View' -- Are Their Parents Listening?!

mady cara gosselinThere's a whole lot of weird going on in Camp Gosselin lately. After Jon and Kate's eldest daughters, Mady and Cara, appeared on the Today show last week -- and, uh, didn't talk -- they made an appearance on The View. And this time they spoke! Despite being thrust into the limelight at such a young age, the two girls seemed like happy, chatty teens.

That is, until Barbara Walters asked them about their father, Jon. Then it was Awkward City all over again.


In the midst of a lively conversation between Cara and Mady and the ladies of The View, Walters asked, "Do you see your father?"

"Um," responded Mady as she gave Kate an uncomfortable smile. "Answer," said Kate. But both daughters gave their mother the same blank stares we saw on Today. Kate, in response, just shrugged her shoulders and made a face. It was uncomfortable; it was a little cringe-worthy; but most of all, it was heartbreaking.

What it seems like, to an outsider, is that both Kate and Jon are using their children as pawns in their bitter relationship. Jon, although we don't see him as often as Kate, seems to always find time to comment on how his kids are growing up dysfunctionally. And Kate -- well, I think it's fairly obvious from the fact that her children froze and looked at her when asked about their father that she isn't exactly taking the high road when it comes to matters of her ex.

In the past few years, we've heard so much from Jon and Kate -- and it's almost always been immature, petty, or rude. It makes you wonder about the things Mady and Cara have been subject to over the years. What have they overheard? What have they been told?

When parents attempt to pit their kids against one another, nobody wins -- especially when both parents do it. Mady and Cara claim to be okay, but I sort wonder what their answer to that question would be if their mother wasn't beside them and a camera wasn't pointed at their faces.

What do you think of how Jon and Kate are handling their divorce?


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