5 Reasons Wendy Williams Shouldn't Worry About Her 13-Year-Old 'Hating' Her

wendy williamsWendy Williams isn't afraid to say what's on her mind, good, bad, or ugly. She has her big ol' fans and people who can't stand her -- but everybody knows who she is and how she operates. That's how she made a name for herself, and it's also why her T.V. chat show is so successful.

But this time, it was personal. When Wendy got real on a recent episode of the show, it struck a chord any parent to a teenager could understand. Wendy wept on-air (and continued to do so afterwards backstage) when discussing her relationship with her 13-year-old son, Kevin.


Wendy was introducing a segment about Madonna and her relationship with her own 13-year-old, Rocco. Here's where Wendy mentioned Kevin and got teary. No, there's been no major trauma or falling out -- Kevin's just 13. He prefers spending time with his dad, Wendy says, and has no time for mama. Dry those eyes, Wendy Williams! You're excellent and amazing, and here are 5 reasons you shouldn't lose any sleep over your teen's "hatred" of you.

1.) They Hate Everything

I am pretty sure if you put a cute fluffy bunny in a 13-year-old's lap, they would slap it and frown. They hate everything. Even their mom. And especially fluffy bunnies. Know you aren't alone, WW!

2.) We Don't Know What Rocco Thinks of Madonna

Oh sure, Madonna's Instagram makes it seems like she and Rocco are close little homies, but we don't ACTUALLY know how Rocco feels about his mom. The inside scoop is probably way different than it appears from the outside. I mean, I'm embarrassed by Madonna and she isn't even my mom.

3.) 'Hating You' Means You're Doing Something Right

There is being a friend and being a parent. It's hard to hate your friends -- hating your parents? That's a cake-walk. After all, someone's got to be the bad guy who enforces things like doing homework, a curfew, and eating something other than Cheeto dust. Being 'hated' is part of being a good mom.

4.) You Have Your Own T.V. Show

He might not realize it now -- but you are AWESOME! Look at your career! YOU ARE ON T.V.! He might roll his eyes now, but I guarantee you that your demonstration of success not only impresses him but will inspire him to greater heights in his own life. Woman, you are an inspiration!

5.) It Doesn't Last Forever

He won't be a teenager forever. Remember how quickly his journey from infant to toddler was and then to little man almost grown? How it just sped by? It's still going -- it's just that time moves differently in the teen years. You know what they say: It flies when you're having fun. Grit your teeth and get through it -- know that you've got loads of other moms in the same boat, waiting for the teen years to pass by!

How many teenagers currently hate you?


Image via Cynthia Bell/YouTube

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