Kelly Clarkson Reveals Her Baby's Gender!

Singer Kelly Clarkson is the epitome of the excited mom. After experiencing a super-challenging first trimester, in which the former American Idol star says she was plagued by constant morning sickness and vomiting, Kelly is finally able to attribute her drama-laden pregnancy with some amazing, great news: she's having a girl!

The star could hardly contain her excitement and took to her Twitter page to make an official announcement. 


The 31-year-old, who will be giving birth to her first child with Brandon Blackstock later this year, announced her baby's gender in an adorable, jokesy way you'd expect from her:

We just found out we're having a girl officially! I knew it! Only a girl could cause this much drama with all this vomiting ha!

Is she not cuter than a hundred thousand cupcakes and puppies combined?! Even though my pregnancy was totally different from hers -- I barely felt a thing with my girl and was sick as a dog in my first trimester pregnant with my boy -- I agree with her sentiment about baby girls and drama. I experienced far more whining and tears than I've heard moms do with baby boys. Famous last words, I'm sure!

But really, having a baby girl is the greatest -- they're so cuddly, sweet, and, of course, fun to shop for. And Kelly seems luckier than most because she and Brandon already have a name in mind -- one she says would have worked regardless of the baby's gender. I love unisex names! Now, what the heck do you think it could be? The only thing Kelly has said is that it won't be "Blue Jazz" or anything "weird." 

Hmm...Avery? Charlie? Quinn?

Did you experience morning sickness? And what do you think Kelly will name her baby girl? 


Image via Twitter

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