Pregnant Kerry Washington Wears Crop Top to SAG Awards (PHOTO)

kerry washingtonI'm in the camp that pregnant women can and should wear whatever they want. But I've heard the whispers when a pregnant mama has walked by wearing a top that doesn't fully cover her baby bump. Everyone has an opinion! Some people just like to voice theirs louder than others without concern of anyone else's feelings. It makes me wonder what those people have to say about pregnant Kerry Washington wearing a crop top to the 2014 Screen Actor's Guild Awards.

Behold the glory of Scandal star's very tiny baby bump. Oh baby!


She looks beautiful. And it's a Prada crop top in case you were wondering. Custom made, of course. Skirt is Prada as well.

Thirty-six-year-old Washington was proud of her look and told E! "I don't have anything to hide anymore!" I cannot say how excited I am that she's rocking this style. For one, it's a hard look to pull off. I don't know many 36-year-olds who wear crop tops. I'm not saying they can't or don't look awesome in them. I'm just saying it's not a look commonly seen on women around that age. Late teens, early 20s? See it a lot. But there is no time better to show off your belly than when you have a baby inside it. You never have to worry about sucking it in. No, that's not a double cheeseburger in there -- that's a baby!

Kerry looks elegant. Glowing. Gorgeous.

What do you think of the pregnant crop top look?


Image via Getty Images

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