Kate Middleton's First Birthday With Prince George: All the Details

kate middletonHear ye, hear ye! Details on how Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, spent her 32nd birthday have been released. Gather 'round, gather 'round. This is an important moment in British history and we must discuss.

According to reports, Kate spent her birthday at home with Wills, her parents and siblings, and of course, George, and the family dined on the culinary delights of Antonella Fresolone, the Duke and Duchess' housekeeper. An insider claims that Kate felt that staying in was "easier than going out and leaving George at home."

Welcome to parenthood, Kate! Where every decision is based on sheer convenience!


Before I had a kid of my own, I never got what parents' obsession with "hanging out during the day" was. Or why they were always running late. But now that I had my daughter, I'm like, "Ohhhhhh. Now I see. Everything is centered around a child's sleep schedule."

Obviously, there are many evenings where Kate has engagements she can't get out of -- royal events; galas; girls' nights with the Queen. So, it's completely understandable that on her special day, she'd just want to spend a quiet night at home, eating comfort food, all while being able to put her own baby to sleep. Doesn't get much more easy or relaxing than that.

Sure, nights on the town are fun, but when you have them as often as Kate does, an evening in is where it's at. And I'm sure little Georgie was thrilled to celebrate with his mama.

How did you spend your first birthday as a parent?


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