Beyonce Shares Pictures of Blue Ivy's Birthday Party -- Holy Cuteness! (PHOTOS)

beyonceFor the most part, if there's one celebrity who's so not "just like us," it's Beyonce. She's ridiculously talented; stunning; a bajillionaire; and married to another bajillionaire. So yeah. Not sure any of us would have a hell of a lot to talk about, were we ever to be trapped in an elevator with her. Except, you know, our love of Beyonce.


Queen B did do something recently, in her own Beyonce way, that any mom of a toddler could relate to: She had a face-painting, plastic tiara-wearing birthday party for her daughter, Blue Ivy. You can even spot a few pink, plastic Minnie Mouse toys in the background of the photos! What are we going to find out next? That the child isn't bathed in Pellegrino? This is coconuts!


Whether you like Beyonce or not (blasphemy!), there's no denying it's very obvious that both she and Jay-Z love their baby girl very much. They're always with her, and this party right here is completely catered to a child, as opposed to the fancy adult-like parties so many celebs seem to throw for their kids. Face painting? A must at a toddler party!

blue ivy

Okay, so fine. Beyonce rented out an entire wildlife park in Miami for this birthday party. But like I said, this is Beyonce being "just like us" in her own Beyonce way. I mean, come on, people, what did you want the woman to do? Reserve a block of time at her local Chuck E. Cheese's? If there's one thing Beyonce doesn't do, it's ball pits.

What was your toddler's birthday like? Did you have face painting?


Images via Beyonce

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