Jessica Simpson Shares Pic of Daughter -- She Looks Just Like Daddy! (PHOTO)

jessica simpsonJessica Simpson needs to stop. Just STOP it, okay? First, she posts a super adorable photo of her baby son, Ace Knute, last week. And now she goes and posts this insanely cute photo of her daughter, Maxwell Drew. I can't with this picture. Cannot. I mean, clearly Jess and her fiance Eric Johnson were going to have beautiful children together, but my god is this child stunning.

And, although I certainly see some of Jess in there, I kinda think the little lady takes after daddy.


The hair is obviously Jessica, and in a way, she looks a little like what I imagine Jess looked like when she was a toddler (what, you don't imagine what celebrities looked like as toddlers?). But there's something about Maxwell's expression and smile that remind me more of Johnson. Am I crazy? Does anyone else see this at all?

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Ah, whatever. I guess who this sweet girl looks like is really neither here nor there, but can we all agree on the fact that Maxwell is quite possibly the cutest kid in Hollywood? Yowzers, what a little doll!

I mean, come on, guys. How stinkin' cute is this kid? Who do you think she looks like?


Image via Jessica Simpson/Instagram

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