Snooki Tells Us All About Going From 'Party Girl to Proud Mama'

snooki book baby bumpsIf you thought Snooki is still spending her time fist-pumping and pounding pickles like she did back in her Jersey Shore days, well, it's time for a serious 2014 wake-up call. Now life is intense in a completely different but even more awesome way for the 26-year-old fit mom of 17-month-old Lorenzo. Not that she has any interest in dismissing her wild child reputation. She completely acknowledges it in her new memoir, Baby Bumps: From Party Girl to Proud Mama, and All the Messy Milestones Along the Way. And while Snooki may not be the in-your-face party girl she once was, her brutally honest, funny, and disarming book holds nothing back.

Thankfully, neither did Snooki herself when she chatted with us about motherhood, Katie Holmes' tummy, her little "meatball" son, and everything in between at a book signing yesterday ...


What inspired you to write Baby Bumps?

When I was pregnant, I wanted to do research on what I was to expect and what was going to go on with my body, you know, the how-to books, the pregnancy books. And they were just factual, and there weren't any stories or anything relatable, and it was very sugar-coated. So I was like, 'Dude, I need to make my own book!' So my whole pregnancy, I had a pregnancy journal, and I wrote down all of how I felt and the stories, and I also made Jionni -- after we got into a crazy fight, when I was psycho -- write down how to deal with me. I put that in the book, too. So, [you can also] give the book to the guys, [so they can see] how to deal with a pregnant, crazy lady! I just wanted my book to be very raw about pregnancy and what really happens and also explain my journey of being a crazy party girl at 21 to now, being 26 and a mother.

How has motherhood changed your outlook on body image?

It was definitely hard, because right before I got pregnant, I had lost about 30 pounds, and was getting really fit, and then I got pregnant, and I was like, 'Cool!' And then I gained 50 pounds and was like, 'Nooo!' But I knew it was for the good of my baby, and I knew I was gonna bounce right back, but it was definitely hard, because now I have permanent stretch marks on my stomach. So I wear high[-waisted] bikinis. It's not like I'm ashamed of them, but ... it looks nasty! But I'm never gonna go get surgery and fix it, because it's my baby battle wound, and I'm proud of it. If it gets a little more toned down there, I'll start to wear bikinis. Did you see the picture of Katie Holmes? You could tell she had a baby, she had a little wrinkle, and she just didn't care. I love that! I just want to get a little more toned down there.

What motivated you to lose weight after having Lorenzo and keeps you motivated now?

I always picture myself to be like this fit mom. So once I had Lorenzo, I started going to the gym, I got a trainer, and it took me six months to see results. I think that's why a lot of pregnant ladies, after they have their baby, or even people in general, they stop going [to the gym], cuz they don't see results right away, but it doesn't happen just like that. It takes a while, and it took me six months to lose 50 pounds and actually see something change. So my only advice -- and I hate giving advice, but -- would be to keep going to the gym and be dedicated, because eventually, you're going to lose the weight, but it takes a while.

Did you feel any pressure to get this amazing "post-baby body"?

Not really, because you see me on Jersey Shore, I never gave a sh** what I looked like. I was a slob, I didn't care. But for the sake of my son, I want to set a good example for him. That's why I started working out. I want to be healthy, I want to be able to run and chase my son and not die from not being able to run. I want to be fit for him, so that's kinda the main reason I did it.

Any funny stories about your little man to share?

Well, as of right now, he's 17 months, so he's running around, he literally runs back and forth. He gets into everything. And he, for some reason, loves to bite people's toes. He bites everybody's toes, and we try and discipline him when he does that and he lifts people's shirts up and like pinches their fat. He does that to everybody that he meets. So I try and say, 'Lorenzo, you can't do that!' but he just doesn't listen. So he's at the point where he's not listening to us at all, so we don't really know what to do as new parents. We're like, 'Dude, how do we discipline this kid? He's not listening to us.' We're kinda at this stage right now, like, how do we deal with his behavior? Thankfully, [Jionni's] family is so big, and his [siblings] have like two kids each, so we can go to them and be like, 'How'd you deal with that, how'd you deal with this?' And my friends have kids.

Ah, like Jenni will soon! What sort of advice have you given her so far about her pregnancy?

I've given her my book, so she's reading that right now. She knows she can text me whenever, and I'll be there for her. She can call me at 3 a.m. to come over, I will come over. But yeah, she looks amazing. She's four months pregnant, and she doesn't have a bump! She looks like a Victoria's Secret model, so I'm like, "This isn't real." Because when I was four months pregnant, I was a whale, so I don't get it!

On that note, we'll leave you with this fab snap Snooki Instagrammed today ...

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