Prince George Is Expecting a Cousin!

prince georgeIs this the future king of England's future BFF? Prince George's newest cousin is expected to be born any day now. Prince William's cousin, Zara Phillips, is nearly ready to deliver her baby. We don't know yet if she's expecting a girl or a boy. It'll be a surprise, just like George was. But we're already anticipating what it'll be like for the Prince to have a cousin so close in age.


After all, Zara's baby and Prince George will be less than a year apart in age. If she has a boy, he could come into some royal hand-me-downs. Sweet! On second thought, Zara's baby will be born in a completely different season, so maybe not. Aww, too bad! You know Prince George must have some to-die-for outfits. And you know how babies fit in the clothes for only a couple months at a time, so whatever he has is probably in great shape. At the very least, George's cousin will probably wear his christening gown.

But that's not the most important thing about having a cousin so close to you in age. The best thing is having an instant friend -- hopefully! Who knows how much contact the kids will have with each other over the years. But I think they'll get together every once in a while. It's always fun to have other kids your own age to play with at big family gatherings. I know I loved playing with my cousins at family reunions even though we lived far away from each other.

Zara's baby will have no title and far fewer pressures than Prince George. So he'll spend time with the royal family but without all the stress. That would probably make him a great friend for George as well. We hope the two get along great in years to come.

What do you think it would be like to have a royal cousin?


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