JWoww Turns to Controversial Cure for Morning Sickness

Jenni FarleyBlech. Poor JWoww! After losing nine pounds in just three weeks during her pregnancy, Jenni Farley is now taking Zofran, an anti-nausea drug, to try and help her combat her horrible bouts of morning sickness.

She went into detail when describing her unfortunate pregnancy side effect to E! News, saying, "I have been feeling hungover every day or I'm hugging the toilet."

Ugh. If praying to the porcelain god isn't one of the most horrific feelings a woman can experience, I'm not sure what is. Puking is the pits. Especially when you're in the process of growing a tiny human being and are supposed to be putting on weight -- not taking it off.


In addition to the meds, Jenni has been forced to give up her gluten- and dairy-free diet for the time being. She explains, "The only thing that settles my stomach is cereal and Greek yogurt."

And while there are plenty of women who would not dare take anti-nausea medication during pregnancy out of fear that it might be risky to their baby -- I don't blame her one bit for doing whatever it takes to stop herself from throwing up over and over and over again.

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I was one of the lucky ones when I was expecting my son, as I didn't have the slightest hint of morning sickness. Honestly, I did not puke one time throughout the entire duration of my pregnancy. But I'm not exactly a huge fan of vomiting -- so I'm pretty sure I would've been all over Zofran or whatever else my doctor prescribed if there were the slightest chance of it helping me keep my breakfast down.

I mean, how are you supposed to get through your day if you can't stop hurling? No one wants to be housebound (or I guess I should say bathroom-bound) for the majority of her pregnancy -- so more power to Jenni for finding something that will help her get back into a normal routine.

Besides, now that she's into her second trimester, the morning sickness should hopefully start to subside. She might as well enjoy her remaining months as much as she can!

Would you take Zofran if your morning sickness was bad enough?


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