Ellen DeGeneres' Pregnancy Advice for Drew Barrymore Is Fantastic (VIDEO)

drew barrymore ellenHow much weight should you gain for your pregnancy? The answer is: None of anyone else's damn business. Er, I mean, it's between you and your doctor. Fat-shaming pregnant women is relentless as ever and creating human life is not a good enough excuse for putting on a few pounds. There's a whole world out there ready to tell expecting moms to stop pigging out. Well, wait until you hear what Ellen DeGeneres told Drew Barrymore about pregnancy weight gain. It'll make you drop your cheese doodles.


Drew Barrymore admitted to Ellen that she's put on more weight with her second pregnancy than she did with her first -- and that she basically eats whatever she wants. She refuses to play the skinny celeb game. "I don’t ever pose, like, I’m just so fabulous and I lose it like that! I want to enjoy the pasta right now. It’s not like it’s gonna look that much different. What’s 10 pounds?"

Wow, did she just say that? What's 10 pounds?!? Ten pounds makes a big difference in the Daily Mail Column of Shame.

I'm kidding. Obviously Drew is more evolved than that and is too busy living her best life for herself to care where she ends up on the Column of Shame -- or any other fat-shaming list. I love what Ellen says next, though. And since it's so beautiful and true, I have to set it apart. Maybe you'll want to print it out and frame it, or cross-stitch a pillow with this statement.

You deserve anything you want. You are making a human being. That is hard work. And then it’s gotta come out of you. I mean, eat whatever you want. You deserve anything.

Thank you, Ellen! This is what we used to believe, years ago. And sure, sometimes women gained more than they needed to, and then had a hard time losing that extra weight, and they felt badly about that. But in all this fuss over weight gain, I think we do lose sight of that important point: A pregnant woman is making a human being! And for that reason, pregnant women should give themselves a bit of a break and not stress out over every single little thing they put in their mouths.

Oh, I can hear the BUTS. "But! But! But! Then women use that as an excuse to eat lots of crap!" Oh you! Why are you so nosy about what other women do with their bodies? We're just talking about eating some pasta. Calm down.

So here you go -- Ellen has given you permission to eat those takeout stir-fry noodles. (OMG, MSG!) And as far as I'm concerned, Ellen is the official voice of reason for America. Let's all get off the baby weight gain crazy train.

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Do you agree that pregnant women "deserve" to eat whatever they want to?


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