Cops Raid Justin Bieber's House Over Silly Teen Prank

Justin BieberUh oh! Justin Bieber could be in trouble with a capital T! Cops have reportedly raided the teenage singer's house, and they're said to be looking for evidence in a recent egg attack on a neighbor's house.

Yes, you read that right. Cops reportedly brought a battering ram to the 19-year-old's house to look for evidence of a good old-fashioned teenage egging.

What is this world coming to? Doesn't anyone remember what it was like to be young and dumb and want to have some fun?


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Granted, egging someone's house is not terribly classy, and if Bieber did it, the 19-year-old comes off as a bit of a jerk. But then again, if he did it, he also comes off as a pretty typical teenager.

So what's with the cops? And the allegations that the search warrant executed at the Biebs' abode is a FELONY search warrant? Do we really need to fill our already over-crowded jails with stupid teenagers over silly pranks?

Sometimes I wonder if the world wouldn't be a better place if we all removed the giant sticks causing such discomfort in our collective behinds and let kids be kids. Let them make mistakes. Let some things GO.

I'm not saying Bieber -- or any other kid -- should go unpunished. But surely these things can be handled without felony charges. Make the kids clean it up. Make them do a little community service.

Surely we all remember doing something just as dumb when we were kids ... and we're grateful that we didn't have our lives ruined with a felony conviction.

Teenage pranks are childish and stupid and very inconvenient, but by and large, that's the extent of the damage. We're not talking about pain and suffering here. No one was ever in any danger. At worst, someone likely had to get the hose out and spray the house down (and considering Justin Bieber lives in a ritzy neighborhood, here's guessing that someone was likely the hired help anyway).

Punishment should always fit the "crime." And when it comes to your average teenage prank, we're using the word "crime" very loosely!

If your kid egged a house, what would you do about it? Would you involve the cops?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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