Tori Spelling's Marriage Might Be on the Rocks, But She's Still a Great Mom

It's totally normal to have a spat with your husband at times and feel so momentarily disoriented that you find yourself looking at your child -- who is usually completely oblivious to the situation -- and thinking, Ugh, you want me to make you a grilled cheese sandwich RIGHT THIS MINUTE? Can't I have a moment to fume? 

I'm trying to put myself in Tori Spelling's shoes and imagining what it might be like to handle FOUR young children while coping with the shock that your husband has cheated on you and you may be on the brink of divorce. Just awful. If I were her, I'd want to pay my nanny overtime, crawl into the fetal position, and stay there for a few weeks. But Tori did something wonderfully surprising instead and turned the focus onto her children by taking them on a fun trip to Disneyland and reminding us all that she isn't about to crumble.


It's only been a few weeks since Tori discovered that hubby Dean McDermott had an affair with a younger woman named Emily Goodhand. And, as if that wasn't enough, she then had to face rumors that Dean confided in his lover that he was stuck in a "sexless marriage."

I'm no Tori fan, but come on. There's only so much a wife who, by all accounts, seems devoted should have to endure. Up until now, she's put on the bravest face one possibly can and hasn't poured her heart out to reporters. And I'm impressed that she found the endurance to pack up her brood -- which includes a 6-year-old, 5-year-old, 2-year-old, and 16-month-old (I'm exhausted just thinking about it) -- and head to the happiest place on earth.

The outing seemed like just what Tori and her children need.

The actress and author posted this photo from Disneyland on her Instagram that captured the back of her child's head and showed her taking in a magical stage show. The caption on her photo read: "Happiness is thru their eyes," which, I feel, proves that Tori is staying focused on her children's well-being at this difficult time. 

You're going to have to forgive me for having assumed Tori would be thinking mostly about herself during this scandal. I am happy to say I was wrong. She's doing what all parents should but most find incredibly difficult to do. She's putting her kids' needs ahead of her own while trying to resolve some very real issues in her marriage.

Now, it would be nice to see Dean spending some quality time with all four children and giving Tori the day off.

Are you impressed with how Tori is handling this scandal or do you feel she is acting like any other mom would?


Image via Instagram

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