Gisele Bundchen Takes Baby on ATV Without Helmet – AGAIN!

giseleWe all know that Gisele Bunchen has clear opinions as to the kinds of things a good mother does. She has been very vocal about the fact that all women should breastfeed ... for at least six months. However, it doesn't look like safety is high on her list. The mom took her 1-year-old daughter out for an ATV ride in Costa Rica yesterday without a helmet.


The image is pretty remarkable. The supermodel has her little one strapped to her chest in a baby carrier of some sort. With one hand, she is supporting the child's back, with the other, she is steering the machine.

Now, I know a lot of people take their tots on motorcycles and other off-road vehicles. While, I personally wouldn't feel comfortable doing it, experienced riders think there is no harm. Well, that may be the case -- if the child is wearing a helmet. It doesn't matter how many times you have driven one or how slow you think you are going, freak accidents happen all the time.

You might think this was just a momentary lapse in judgment for Gisele but this isn't the first time she's done this. Last March, she did the same thing when Vivian was just 3-months-old. Crazy right?

Of course, this is her baby and she has a right to tool her child around town in any type of vehicle she pleases, but is it worth the risk? What if she lost control or another ATV hits them -- what then? I a sure there will be strong opinions on this from both sides. Not along ago, Cary Hart (Pink's husband) was slammed for taking his daughter Willow along for a motor cross bike ride. The couple lashed out at their critics. Still, it seems like a crazy risk for any parent to take.

Do you think this is dangerous?

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