Olivia Wilde Reveals Her Baby’s Due Date & We Know What That Means

olivia wildeCan we stop talking about Olivia Wilde's amazing, sparkly Golden Globes maternity dress for just a few minutes so we can discuss this important news? Olivia Wilde announced her baby's due date, and it is galactic. Seriously -- on the red carpet last night she told Ryan Seacrest she's due on May 4th, which just happens to be Star Wars day! And she had the funniest joke, too. "May the fourth be with you," she quipped. Nice one, Olivia! We're glad you're embracing the whole Star Wars theme here, though we hope Star Wars doesn't take over your baby's life. Here's what else the stars have in store for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis' baby.


Olivia says they're expecting a baby boy, and he's pretty active so far. She told People "he was kicking the whole time," during the Golden Globes, going, "where are we?" As for the stars (besides his parents, of course), it looks fairly certain that this baby will be a Taurus, which falls between April 20 and May 20.

Welcome to club Taurus, Baby Wilde-Sudeikis! I am a proud member as well. Taureans are known to be stubborn, but don't get stuck on that. It doesn't have to be your defining characteristic, just a trait you can use to your advantage -- or learn to moderate.

I love Astrostyle's take on the sign. They say Taurus is sensual. That means you relish using your five senses. You going to love good food, soft textures, music, the feeling of a cool breeze... you get the picture. You sound like a dream baby to me.

Keep in mind, the typical Taurus won't define you completely! Your rising sign and your moon sign make a big difference. And we won't know that until you make your big entrance. For that matter, you could be born a few weeks early and turn out to be an Aries. Just like with every baby, we won't know who you really are until you're ready to show us.

What sign is your baby? Do you think he or she aligns with that sign?


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