Farrah Abraham's Parenting Book Sounds Like a Joke ... But It Isn't

Farrah abrahamAre you ready for a good laugh? Hold onto your bellies, reality TV fans, because this one is going to be a gutbuster! Teen Mom and porn star Farrah Abraham announced on Couples Therapy that she is writing ... a Christian parenting book!

Will hold as you clean whatever was in your mouth off your computer screen ... OK, done? So according to Farrah, this book is actually part of a "trilogy" that also includes an erotic sex novel.



So was Couples Therapy co-star Sada Bettencourt who said those two topics in the same sentence actually "violate the law of physics!"

But let's be honest: 50 Shades knock-off in the works or not, I'm not seeing a huge market for a parenting book written by Farrah Abraham.

This is the mom who left her baby in the bath and walked out of the room on national television! This is the mom who placed a sleeping infant in the hallway of an apartment complex, then walked inside and shut the door!

Not to mention this is the mom whose 4-year-old still uses a pacifer on the regular, who waxed her 3-year-old's eyebrows, and whose kid was recently spotted without a car seat.

And we're supposed to take parenting tips from her? I'd laugh if I didn't want to cry!

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The thing is, Farrah wasn't kidding! She was dead serious when telling Sada and wife Whitney Mixter about her book plans. And later when Real Housewives star Taylor Armstrong poked fun at her about the books, Farrah was indignant!

She somehow seems to think she's really got something to say, which is absolutely terrifying. 

Although not as terrifying as the thought of people buying her book and actually taking her advice! We haven't seen the book yet, so I can't say that anything Farrah suggests will be dangerous or illegal, but we HAVE seen parents take the advice doled out in parenting books way too far ... and with tragic consequences.

Is being a celebrity really reason enough for someone to give this girl a parenting book deal? Isn't anyone a little worried about what she is going to suggest parents do?! We've seen her parenting methods! They're a giant warning sign, folks!

At the very least, something like this should come with a giant disclaimer, advising parents that this is just one reality star's opinion on parenting.

Would you buy Farrah's parenting book? What do you think of celebrity parenting books as a whole?


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