Gwyneth Paltrow Can't Keep Her Nose Out of Her Kids' Lemonade Stand

At first glance, the Paltrow-Martin kids seem to be doing what almost every other normal kid does at some point in their lives -- managing a lemonade stand. Nine-year-old Apple and her little brother Moses, 7, set up a table and a handmade sign advertising their wares -- organic lemonade and cookies.

It’s pretty adorable, and duh, of course it’s organic and has no added sugar, not only because it’s California, but also because their mom is Gwyneth Paltrow. Speaking of which, she looks down to earth helping out the kids with their stand … wait a minute … what’s she doing there anyway?


This is obviously not your average, normal lemonade stand. How can it be, with an Oscar-winning actress standing right there helping you run it?

I see one of three possible reasons for a famous parent to help their kids set up a lemonade stand. The first is for charity, which I’m going to rule out because the first rule of raising money for charity is to say that it’s for charity, and they do not.

The second is to teach personal responsibility and/or work ethic. Learning the value of a dollar and all that jazz. If that’s the case, then it hardly helps to have so much help from mom. I get the helping them make lemonade and stuff, but no need to hover, Gwynnie.  

The third reason to provide your kids with some form of a “normal” childhood, and selling lemonade on the sidewalk is just about as normal as it gets. Except for most children selling lemonade don’t have an A-list celebrity stealing the show.

I’m sure Gwyn wanted to be part of the whole experience, but part of being a mom is letting your kids figure things out on their own, and let them test their own limits a little. It just seems sometimes like she’s so focused on being the perfect, devoted, loving mom that maybe she’s forgetting to give her kids some room to breathe occasionally.

It’ll be OK, Gwyneth, I promise. Step away from the lemonade stand and just let your kids be regular kids for an afternoon.

Do you have a hard time not meddling in your kids’ free time activities?

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