Emily Blunt Shells Out $35,000 on Baby Stuff

emily bluntEmily Blunt's due date is fast approaching. You know what that means? Her need to nest is kicking in big time. The star is making sure she has everything her little one needs once she makes her debut into the world. And I do mean EVERYTHING. And the best of everything at that. The actress was recently spotted during a shopping spree at Petit Tresor in L.A. and spent a whopping $35,000. You won't believe the list of luxurious baby goods she picked up. Even Donald Trump might consider her choices a bit over-the-top.


Among the high-priced purchases:

  • $6,780 crib,
  • $4,880 changing table
  • $6,024 Aspen Custom Pink Velvet Regency Glider nursing chair
  • $350 Lulla Smith Cotton Stain Moses Basket

Her spree didn't end there. She then headed over to Bel Bambini in West Hollywood where she picked up a $40 Nested Bean swaddle, a $50 Boppy pillow for breastfeeding, and onesies.

I know a lot of moms will criticize this seemingly outrageous excess. But she's not doing anything every other woman does as the countdown to baby begins. The most fun part of baby prep is buying stuff. New moms delight in picking out cute onesies, dresses, toys, and much more. And oftentimes, we go overboard. But who can blame us. It's a truly exciting time.

I remember taking months to pick out the perfect crib and bedding. In my mind, it was the most important baby purchase I was going to make and I didn't want to spare any expense. Granted, I had a much lower budget than Blunt. I don't blame her one bit. We all go overboard with our first child. She just has a bigger purse to do it with.

Though she might want to reign it in until after her baby shower. Her A-list friends are likely to get her similarly luxe and big-ticket items.

Do you think Emily Blunt's baby shopping spree was too over-the-top?


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