Kate Middleton's First Birthday as a Mom Marks an Emotional Day

kate middletonHappy birthday Kate Middleton! Today the Duchess of Cambridge turned 32. She'll be spending the day with her sweet son 5-month-old Prince George, and it's been reported that Prince William will return later for a quiet low-key evening with friends and family, including, of course, sister Pippa.

This is Kate's first birthday as a mother. Last year she was pregnant on her special day, but this year, with baby here, it has no doubt brought up all those emotions so many new mothers have on their own first birthday as a mom. Kate's probably thinking of her own mother, and that journey to motherhood, as today marks the day that 32 years ago, she changed her mom's life forever. 


So we should be also saying Happy Birth Day to Kate's mom, Carole Middleton. That day -- the day you become a mother to a little being you've dreamed about and have been nourishing inside your body -- is an incredible day. Life changing. And on my own children's birthday every year, I reflect and remember the day I had them. My birth day is their birthday. The day I became one of the most important and best things I could ever be. A mother. And I have the same thoughts about my mother on my birthday. It's the day she gave me life outside the womb.

I would bet Kate is thinking of her mom today; just as her mother is thinking of her, thinking of the day she gave birth to her and the first time their eyes met, the first time she held her, and those sweet early days of her life. Kate may even have a whole new understanding of her mom; a whole new appreciation and gratitude. When the cycle of life continues, and new generations are born, it can most certainly strengthen a family, bond them stronger, bring them closer. It's almost like a passing of the baton, the I was your mother, now you are a mother thing.

So happy birthday Kate! And happy birth day Carole!

Did you also feel that way once you became a mother? Do you reflect on your own mother's journey on your birthday?

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