Kate Gosselin's Teenage Twins Reveal What They Really Think of Their Mom

Kate GosselinIt wasn't that long ago that Jon Gosselin claimed his eight kids were all messed up due to their defunct reality TV show, but his kids, or at least the two eldest, would beg to differ. Cara and Mady Gosselin, now 13, have spoken out to People magazine, along with mom Kate. And what they say will make anyone who might have been worried about them sigh with relief. Mady says people expect them to be messed up, but they are just fine, thank you very much.

But they are still typical teens. And they have the usual complaints that teens do. Like that mom Kate is "annoying." Oooo.


Asked about mom, the girls had no problem expressing their distinctly teen-like contempt.

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Sooo what's so annoying about mom? I mean, besides the obvious? Haha. Little joke there. But Mady says that mom uses the word "spensive" instead of "expensive." And not only that, she says she does it on purpose!

Woah. That is totally annoying!! Ahh. Now I can't get "spensive" out of my brain.

While I'm sure some die-hard Kate haters (hello, Jon) will use this as proof that the kids are indeed "damaged," what teens don't find their moms annoying? I worry more about the ones who declare their moms are their "best friends." Parents aren't doing their jobs if they're not annoying sometimes.

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It's annoying to be told to clean your room. To pick up after yourself. To behave. To watch your mouth. To get off the computer. Need I go on? Sure, "spensive" is a bit annoying (stop that, Kate!), but if that's the most they have to complain about, then momma Kate is doing a fine job.

Are your kids annoyed with you?

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