JWoww's Pregnancy Scare Could've Happened to Anyone

Jenni Farley Roger MathewsAww! After hearing new details about how Jenni Farley found out she was pregnant, for a minute I felt like I was reliving my own "OMG I think I'm knocked up" moment all over again.

In a new blog post, JWoww described the moment she first looked at the pregnancy test to see if she had a positive result. I think it's safe to say most moms will relate to what happened to her. At first, she only saw a faint line -- so she wasn't sure if she was actually preggo or if it was some kind of fluke. So she made Roger go out and buy two more tests -- both of which also resulted in barely visible "positive" lines.


Ugh. What's the deal with these tests?!? I had the exact same thing happen to me -- to the point where I took at least five different brands of tests to make sure I wasn't getting some sort of false positive. Can't they make those lines show up a little darker? Gah.

And even though Jenni wasn't entirely sure if she was expecting ... the thought was there in her mind, which is why she panicked after seeing a little bit of blood after using the bathroom. Obviously it turned out to be no big deal and she is pregnant and her baby is fine -- but of course it was terrifying in the moment.

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As much as we hear about pregnancy side effects and symptoms, somehow things that are scary but perfectly normal during the first trimester get left out of the conversation -- causing us to freak out and think something might be going wrong.

According to WebMD.com, about 20 percent of women have some sort of bleeding during their first 12 weeks of pregnancy -- and it's not always a cause for concern. Sometimes it's due to cervical changes or implantation bleeding, both of which are common occurrences. But either one is enough to make you nervous, nonetheless.

You know what else can send a gal into a mild state of frenzy during those first few weeks? Cramps. I had them all the time. And they were pretty bad. I swear I called my doctor every other day telling her I was worried that I was having a miscarriage. Every time, she assured me nothing was wrong at all. It turns out my uterus was expanding (duh, to make room for my growing baby) -- and apparently it can be painful when this happens. Who knew?

Geez. If only people would tell us this stuff ahead of time, they could save us a lot of worrying and stressing out over nothing. We have our kids' entire lives to deal with that crap.

Did you have any scares during your first trimester?


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