Kailyn Lowry’s Latest Baby Pic Shows Brothers at Their Best (PHOTO)

kailyn lowry lincolnIf there's anything cuter than a baby photo, it's a photo with a baby and their older brother or sister. Teen Mom's Kailyn Lowry posted a photo of baby Lincoln with big brother Isaac on New Year's Eve, and it just about tips the scales of adorableness. Isaac is showing Lincoln a little stuffed elephant toy -- and Lincoln is looking back up at his brother. It's the perfect moment of brotherly connection. And they're in matching striped pajamas, too. You have to see this.


lincoln isaac kailyn lowry

So sweet, right? Isaac looks so loving and protective of his baby brother. You just want them to stay like that forever, or at least as long as they're both growing up. It sets the tone for their relationship -- I hope Isaac is always this caring for his little brother.

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I think we all know these two are going to squabble and fight when they get older. It's inevitable. But hopefully they'll also grow a strong bond with each other. I just love that Isaac is so interested in Lincoln. It looks like he's not too threatened by all the attention Lincoln must be getting -- that attention all newborn babies get.

It's hard for parents of new babies to help make their older kids still feel loved and special. Newborn babies are so demanding, and parents can feel exhausted and burned out. But Kailyn must be doing something right for Isaac to be demonstrating such brotherly love at such a young age. It looks like both boys are off to a great start.

What do you do to make your older kids still feel loved when you've just had a baby?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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