Another Celebrity Names Baby 'Brooklyn' & It Makes Perfect Sense

brooklyn signThe baby name Brooklyn is all kinds of popular. It came in number 28 of CafeMom's top baby names of 2013. And of course David and Victoria Beckham's son is named Brooklyn. Plus we have model/actress Brooklyn Decker who is also Andy Roddick's wife. It's a hot name. For the cool. And I'm not just saying that because I live in Brooklyn. Plus, it could be a boy or a girl name.

Another celebrity just had a baby girl and named her Brooklyn. But there are some Brooklyn ties with this couple that makes the baby name make even more sense.


It's Tiki Barber one of the greatest football players for the New York Giants. Now retired. Representing NYC!

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Sure this birth isn't without a little gossiping. Tiki was married to Ginny Cha for 11 years. He left her when she was 8 months pregnant with twins and started dating a then-23-year-old NBC intern Traci Lynn Johnson, who he is now married to and who just had his fifth child who they named Brooklyn. Cha is mother to Tiki's other four children. Another tidbit ... Traci apparently babysat for their kids, too. Whoa.

But let's focus on the name. Which rules. Brooklyn!

What do you think of the name Brooklyn? Love it?


Image via Nick Amoscato/Flickr

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