North West's Latest Christmas Gift is Totally Absurd (PHOTO)

Ugh, I am officially grossed out. North West got a Lamborghini. A black one, just like Daddy's. Let me repeat this. A 6-MONTH-OLD BABY HAS A LAMBORGHINI. Okay, so it's not a real one. It's a replica pedal car, made for kids. But, seriously, a baby does not need a sports car.


This combined with all of the designers clothes and shoes North West got has made me think very deeply about one thing.

How does this family have so much money?

It's baffling. They don't sing, dance, act, or play sports. They haven't invented anything. They don't do brain surgery or serve the country. They appear on TV as themselves. And then they signed some licensing contracts to sell stuff under their names. That's it, folks! Well, we should all be proud that we made them so rich.

Kanye, at least, sort of does something. Sort of.

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Anyway, this sounds really sour grapey, and far be it from me to grouse on those who earn their livings in odd-ish ways. Ahem.

But as one Instagram commenter wrote next to Kim's pic of Nori's Lambi:

Some people don't even have a roof over their head and you're 2 second old baby has a fucking sports car for children? Who even thinks of that?!

And another one, who wrote:

Like seriously? Who the fuck does that. This country is giving money to the wrong people.

Yeah, I just ... I ... yeah.

North West has a Lamborghini. She's 6-months-old. I'll just wait around and see if by 16, she ends up rebelling by joining the Peace Corps and living in Borneo in a tent. "Daaaaad, I don't want your stinking Lamborghini! I'm doing real work here, maaaan. Mooooom, you are, like, totally embarrassing me with those sparrow selfies!"

Ah, I will so hope for that day.

Do you think this is a proper gift for a baby?


Image via Kim Kardashian/Instagram

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