JWOWW & Roger Mathews Have Big Baby News!

JWoWW Roger MathewsIt's a very merry Jersey Shore Christmas! Jenni Farley, aka JWOWW, is pregnant. Turns out she and Roger Mathews have sex after all!

The couple's sex life -- or lack thereof -- has become a punchline on Snooki & JWOWW, Farley's MTV show with former Jersey Shore castmate Nicole Polizzi. But their plans to become parents have never been secret. What wasn't clear is which path they'd pick to parenthood ... or at least which would come first.


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On recent episodes of the show, Farley and Mathews have been seen investigating adoption. It's a personal issue for JWOWW in part because best pal Snooki was adopted as was Farley's own mother. But she and Roger have both said they'd like to become parents however it happens, so it was no surprise to see this tweet show up today:

The Tweet links fans out to a photo of Jenni's sonogram and an announcement that Baby Mathews will arrive in July 2014!

Aww! This is BIG, y'all! This is Jersey Shore star number three to become a parent!

It's also sweet news for the couple who tend to melt whenever they're hanging out with Snooki and Jionni LaValle's son Lorenzo. And frankly, it doesn't mean they can't still adopt. Many families are made up of a mixture of biological and adopted children.

Congratulations to the couple!

What do you think of the couple's announcement?


Image via MTV

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