Rachel Zoe's Baby's Name is Perfectly Stylish

Celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe gave birth to her second baby boy on Sunday -- a 7 lb 12 oz cutie pie. She took to Twitter last night to post what might be the most glamorous hospital shot ever seen, but more importantly, she revealed the name that she and husband Rodger Berman chose for their little boy.

We didn't think a style maven like Zoe would go for anything too traditional, but we're impressed with how much restraint she actually practiced. Her baby's name is unique, but not insanely so, it's fashionable, it's hip without going overboard, and it's just perfect for him.


Drum roll...her new baby's name is...Kaius Jagger Berman, a.k.a "Kai." Love it! 

The name "Kai" means "fire" in Scottish and "the sea" in Hawaiian, both of which are pretty cool meanings, aren't they? I love how she paid homage to Mick Jagger, or at least I'm guessing she did, by giving little Kai a rock 'n' roll middle name, but keeping his first name more or less conventional. Do you think she was inspired by Jennifer Connelly, who has a son named Kai Dugan? Regardless of where she got her inspiration, it's a great name.

Now, can we talk about her post-partum hospital picture for a second? I know I shouldn't be shocked that a woman who makes a living looking good and making others look amazing wouldn't tweet a photo of herself wearing scrubs. But holy cat eye makeup! Rachel looks like a modern-day Brigitte Bardot -- all slightly teased side ponytail and gorgeous eyes. 

This photo is inspiring me to pack a tube of liquid eyeliner in my hospital bag and make sure my first family photo with new baby is shot in dramatic (and flattering) black and white film. Thanks for the tip, Rachel!

Do you like the name Kai? What do you think of Rachel's hospital photo?


Image via Twitter/The Zoe Report

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