Kate Winslet Doesn't Mind That Her Baby's Name Isn't Original

kate winsletHere I was thinking that Kate Winslet and husband Ned Rocknroll would have really used his surname to their advantage when it came to naming their new son. But instead of going with Sex Drugs (first and middle name, clearly) or I-love, they went in the total opposite direction AND skipped out on the fun last name. Are you ready for it? They've gone with the name Bear. As in the wild animal. That's right: Kate and Ned named their son Bear Winslet. That's the same unique, spectacular name that actress Alicia Silverstone gave her son Bear Blu two years ago.

Baby Bear was born December 7 and joins his two half-siblings Joe Mendes and Mia Threapleton (ages 10 and 13 respectively). But I just can't help but wonder: do you think Kate actually cares that there's another Bear out there? Would you?


Personally, I highly doubt it. Here's the thing: As time goes on, more and more mothers are opting for quirky, not-so-typical baby names. These days celeb moms are all over the map with unconventional baby names like Bronx, Aquinnah, Dandelion, and Free (and those are only a few of our favorite crazy celebrity baby names).

But Bear, it's been done. Bear isn't like Tom or Dan. It's most certainly not a name we hear every day. It's a name that specifically makes most people think of Alicia. Kate has to know that. And with that said, it must not faze her. Would I go for it for my own child? Hey, if I really liked the name -- then yes, I'd pull a Kate Winslet and go for it. Just because Alicia "came up with Bear" (and let's be real, I'm sure she didn't) doesn't mean Kate can't like it enough for her own baby boy.

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No matter how you slice it, 99 percent of the time, the name a mother chooses for her child is going to be used by another mother or remind others of some distant memory or person they once knew. It's unavoidable. What matters most is what the mother wants. Well that, and how the name will affect the child going through life. I'm sure Praise-God may grow to hate you after years of grade school roll call. (Yes, that was a real name.)

Are you a fan of the name Bear? Did you avoid certain baby names because someone else you knew had chosen the same one?


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