Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson's Christmas Card Pretty Much Says It All (PHOTO)

kendra wilkinsonI'm loving how Kendra Wilkinson's Christmas card is this beautiful example of how holiday cards can be whatever you want them to be. They can be dressed up or down, wearing ties or fancy sparkly dresses, or in amazingly wonderful pajamas and Spider Man costumes. Kendra! This Christmas card rules.

And says everything about your family. Your deliciously adorable family!


Twenty-eight year-old Kendra is pregnant with baby number two due sometime in the Spring. It's a girl! And the little sweetie can now only be seen behind Kendra's cute red leopard print pajama set. Love how she has that settled in for cozy nights with the family look -- makeup-free, hair in a bun.

Next let's discuss Hank Baskett, 31, wearing an adult onesie that looks like a suit. A red suit. Can this man be any more charming? That answer is no.

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And then we have little Hank who is now 4. What is it with Spider Man and 4-year-olds? My son is equally obsessed. Love him! Seems like a darling little guy who they say is really excited to be a big brother.

Oh and there's Santa Claus! Hi Santa!

So much cheer and happy and charm and spirit and love in this photo.

How much do you LOVE Kendra's Christmas card? Did you do cards this year with your family?


Image via Kendra Wilkinson/Instagram

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