Natalie Portman's 'Black Swan' Ballerina Coach Puts Pregnant Women to Shame (PHOTO)

You know how pregnancy is one of the most awkward, ungraceful times in your life? That wasn’t just me, was it? Come on, the unbalanced equilibrium, the waddling toward the end? Not exactly Swan Lake.

Mary Helen Bowers apparently doesn’t suffer the same fate as me or most other pregnant ladies I’ve known. The 34-year-old ballet instructor is still dancing strong -- and gracefully -- at 39 weeks pregnant.


The Ballet Beautiful creator is most well known for training Natalie Portman for her roll in Black Swan, as well as the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Until this very moment, I was unaware that underwear models needed ballet training, but it makes sense. It probably takes a lot of work to strut the runway in heels so high they might as well double for pointe shoes.

And just in case you were wondering about Bowers’ ballet credentials -- before becoming an uber popular instructor, she danced with the New York City Ballet for more than a decade.

This wonder woman hasn’t let a little thing like growing a human child in her midsection stop her from dancing. She even claims that the core strength she works through ballet has helped her avoid some of those common pregnancy ailments.

“I’ve avoided back pain and swelling by keeping my core strong and body moving. I feel terrific and plan to work and workout until the end,” she wrote.

And before anyone gets crazy and starts maligning her for endangering her child, please note that she is under the care of a doctor, who is “completely on board with her exercise plan.”

‘[My doctor] is incredibly supportive of me not only continuing with my workout, but also with maintaining my regular routine: running my business, creating a new pre-natal series for BB, the works! Pregnancy can be a really exciting and creative time!’ she said.

Um, yeah. The only thing “exciting and creative” about my pregnancies was that I was creating an exciting new member of our family. I’d hate her if I weren’t so in awe of her.

Did you keep up a physical fitness routine when you were pregnant?


Image via balletbeautiful/Instagram

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