Kate Winslet Attacked for Being a 'Bad Mother'

Kate WinsletKate Winslet is an insanely talented actress. She's also super intelligent, as any interview you see or read with her will quickly make clear. She's also the proud mom of three children. So why is one organization making it their business to publicly shame her on the streets of London this holiday season?

Because her three children have three different fathers, and all three of her children live with her full-time. I'm sorry, I wasn't aware we were still living in the Victorian era where a woman's sexual past could "ruin" her reputation. Kate wasn't aware of this either -- which is why she's suing the organization in question, Fathers4Justice. 


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This organization seeks to draw attention to the abuse of fathers' rights. But it sounds like their campaign wasn't about advocacy -- it's just about shock value. Once word of their plan broke, they issued the following statement:

We are running this advert as part of a campaign to highlight the sensitive issue of four million children waking up on Christmas Day without their father. It is clear from what Kate says that she does not support ‘shared parenting’.

The best I can figure, they're calling out Kate for talking about how she prefers her children live with her full-time rather than a 50/50 split. It's definitely not the way every parent would go, but it's working for her family! Even her ex-husband Sam Mendes spoke up saying that while he supported father's rights, neither he nor his child felt they were being deprived of a relationship. 

Part of me can't help but wonder if this group is going after Winslet because her children come from three different partners. Rather than advocating for fathers who feel cut off from their children unfairly, all this campaign does is turn a strong, independent woman's choices into something she should be ashamed of, and that's disgusting. How Kate and the members of her family choose to make things work best for them is THEIR business. To call her out is nothing other than a slut-shaming publicity ploy. 

Do you think the campaign was genuine or just for press?


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