Malia Obama Doesn't Want Her Friends to Meet Her Dad

It's not all that odd for teens to be a little embarrassed of their parents. One would think that for 15-year-old Malia Obama, having a dad that's the President of the United States would change that. Just maybe Dad would be someone she'd want to introduce to her friends.

Well, think again. First Lady Michelle Obama recently joked with People about her daughter's distaste for introducing her friends to Dad when they come by the White House. Yes, even Malia is hesitant to introduce Barack to her friends.

Her reason?


Michelle says that Malia claims that Barack's too formal when asking her friends about their interests or how they're doing in school. Since she doesn't "know if her friends can handle that," she'd rather avoid putting them in that weird spot.

Ha, can you even imagine?! Hello, THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS ASKING YOU A QUESTION! But let's be real here: Barack is just doing what every parent does when their child brings a friend home, right?

Sure, as teens get older, it's natural for a parent to hope they get more responsible. With responsibility often comes independence. But just because your son or daughter is independent doesn't mean you don't want to know whom they hang out with. It's a parent's right to know whom their kids are hanging out with. And once a parent meets their kiddo's friends -- then it'll bring a whole new sense of trust in a relationship. Granted, that's if they're hanging out with the right kind of people.

For all those fellow parents who have been in Barack's position, at least feel positive thinking about it this way: you're not alone. Even when a man's friends with Beyonce, knows how to use Instagram and Vine, and takes a mean selfie -- he still gets the runaround.

Have you ever gone out of your way to ask your child to introduce you to their friends?


Image via mediajorgenyc/Flickr

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