58-Year-Old Bruce Willis Is Going to Be a Dad Again

Bruce Willis Bruce Willis has got this whole "being a dad" thing down. After all, he's the proud papa of four kids, which essentially makes him a very serious contender for lead actor in some sort of familial-centered situation comedy that would likely air on ABC Family. If he were the star of said show, he'd be gearing up for a "very special" episode -- because he's expecting kid number five!

Willis and his wife model Emma Heming, 35, are expecting their second bambino! Huzzah! Salutations! Make unto your face a glad noise ... or something! Brucie and Emma already have one little girl, Mabel, who is 18 months old.


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When it comes to gender, we all know there's only one right answer -- it doesn't matter, so long as the baby is healthy. Still, I wonder if Bruce, 58, is secretly hoping it'll be a dude-child. I mean, I think that would be a natural desire after having four girls. We're sure Bruce loves all of the women in his orbit (because girls are the best), but adding a little boy bundle of joy to his happy family might be a fun change of pace.

Plus, you know his grown-up daughters from his marriage to Demi Moore would love a chance at playing big sister to a little boy. I la la love my sister dearly, but it wasn't until my family added two boys to the equation that I felt I had an even (and awesome) dispersal of playmates.

Think about the hijinks the Willis kids will get up to! My secret hope is that once the child can crawl, the whole family gets together and shoots a frame by frame remake of Die Hard putting the new baby in the role that made his daddy famous. Baby John McClane = THE GREATEST OF ALL THE THINGS. Picture him, all in his little tiny undershirt. Gah, I'm having a lot of feelings about this right now! They should do this even if the baby is another gorgeous girl! Queer the movie-going cultures norms, Willises!

Which is your favorite Die Hard movie? Mine is the original because Alan Rickman is MY LIFE.


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