'Teen Mom' Kailyn Lowry Wants Us to Know That Isaac Still Loves Jo (VIDEO)

It’s always rough on kids when their parents aren’t together, but you do your best to make things work and help the kids understand that both parents still love them very much. Believe me, this task is much easier in theory than practice.

So hat’s off to Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry, who recently uploaded a video to Instagram to show that her son Isaac still has regular contact with his biological dad Jo Rivera.


Kail and her husband Javi Marroquin live in Delaware with Isaac and new baby brother Lincoln, while Jo lives in New Jersey. But don’t let the fact that they reside in different states throw you -- Delaware and New Jersey border each other and Jo and Isaac are only a short drive away from seeing each other.

“Yes. Isaac still sees his dad and loves him,” Kailyn posted along with the adorable video of her firstborn.  “Just because he has Javi too doesn’t mean we discourage a relationship with his dad,” she reassured fans.

In the vid, she asks Isaac where dad is, and he says, “He’s at home,” in the sweetest little voice. “Do you love him?” She asks. He says, “Yeah.” He also affirms that he has fun with Daddy at his house, and signs off saying hi to everyone watching. So freaking cute!

While we don’t know what the custody arrangement is between Kailyn and Jo, it’s clear that Isaac has a relationship with his father, and since we haven’t heard any complaints from Jo, it stands to reason that he’s content with the amount of time he sees his son.

Good job, Mom. I know it’s tough to put on the good face for your kids, but it’s uber important to remember that no matter how much you disliked this person enough to split up after creating a human together, your child is half of them. Insulting the other parent only makes the kid feel like you’re insulting him.

It seems like Kailyn and Jo are making the best of the situation, and Isaac is all sorts of loved.

Do you think Isaac and Jo have a good relationship?


Image via kaillowry/Instagram

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