Jessica Simpson Shares Her Super Easy Secret to Losing the Baby Weight

Jessica SimpsonIt's been pretty obvious for a few weeks now that she has her pre-baby figure back -- but just wait until you hear how Jessica Simpson lost the pregnancy pounds she gained while expecting her second child, Ace Knute.

You guys -- her method for making the scale go down is so stinkin' easy, you won't even believe it.

There are actually a few parts to her weight loss miracle, and the first is a method we've heard more than once out of the mouths of celebrity moms.


Duh. Chasing after the kids. (Works like a damn charm, I tell ya.)

Jessica told USA Today, "With both kids I'm running up and down my stairs a million times. Kids can keep your metabolism going."

(OMG. Why didn't I think of that after I had my son. I should've rented an extra child, or something.)

Second, Jess is back on the Weight Watchers plan, so she's obviously keeping her food intake in check to make sure to keep the pounds at bay. (Sounds easy enough.)

But it's the last part of Jessica's post-pregnancy weight loss plan that's such a piece of cake, any mom can do it -- if you have the time, of course.

Get this one -- Jess says she and Eric Johnson like to take walks -- and that she "tries to walk four miles a day consistently."

Four miles. A day. Who in the heck has time to walk four freakin' miles every single day while still managing to take care of an infant and a toddler? Unless she has a really bitchin' stroller, I'm guessing she can't always lug the kiddos on her daily treks.

Let's do the math, here. She's walking, not running -- which means she can't be going more than three or four miles an hour or so. And that means at the very least, she's working out an hour a day. (Must be nice.)

So there you have it. If you want to shed your baby weight in a jiffy, all you have to do is run after your kids, follow a decent diet, and take at least 60 minutes out of your day to enjoy a leisurely stroll with your honey. Sounds like heaven on earth. Where the hell do I sign up?

Will you have an hour or more a day to devote to losing your baby weight after you give birth?


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