Amber Rose Shares Her Hot & Inspiring Before & After Pregnancy Photos

amber roseKanye West's ex-girlfriend, Amber Rose, caused a stir recently when she posted a photo of her pregnant self along side a photo of her current, post-baby self. Why the stir? Because she looks fantastic; like there was never a baby growing inside of her. Her tummy is flat as a board; her legs rock hard; and her butt is akin to a 21-year-old stripper's (or, as it's more commonly known as: Gwyneth Paltrow's).

Many people are congratulating Amber on her pregnancy weight slim down (see her Instagram comments), while others are wondering why it's cool for a celeb to shed the baby weight, yet "real moms" get trashed for looking good, post-baby. And the answer is: 10 months. That's how long it took Amber to look this good.


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Let me be clear here: I'm not a fan of bashing women for looking hot after having children. Not one bit. It may not be attainable for all moms to achieve, due to work/parenting/financial obligations, but if a lady gets her body back -- and then some -- after a baby, what's to bash? (Jealous?) If a mother is ignoring her kids all day and doing nothing but working out, sure, it's an issue. But if a lady simply looks good after having kids, more power to her. That said, most women don't whip back into shape, post-baby, because they don't have time.

As any parent can tell you, the first few months of baby's life is a whirlwind. There's getting used to a completely new way of living; there's the lack of sleep; there's new financial pressures to deal with. Finding time/energy to get back into peak physical condition isn't very realistic to most new moms. So when celebrities are walking around in their size 0 J.Brand jeans a month after giving birth, it makes a lot of "real" women scratch their heads. "Hey, where'd they get time to do that?"

Amber is showing off her hot body almost a year post-birth -- and moms can better identify with that. They may not look exactly like Amber (hello! who does?!), but women can relate to taking some time to get their bodies back to where they were. At the very least, more so than it only taking a few measly weeks.

How long after giving birth did you feel in-shape?


Image via Amber Rose/Instagram

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