Olivia Wilde's Skin-Tight Pregnancy Style Is Perfect (PHOTO)

olivia wildeOh Olivia Wilde. You are dressing your baby bump so perfectly! She's proof you can wear just about anything -- even skin tight clothes -- during pregnancy. Hahahahaha! Okay, okay! We all know that isn't exactly true. Our babies and bodies grow differently when pregnant and some women can squeeze into their "regular" clothes way into the second or even third trimester, while others are shopping maternity section right away. Or like I preferred to do -- go a size or two (or three) up. The key is to still wear whatever styles you are into and take lots of photos.

Seriously. That's the key. You have to document the beauty of your baby growing in your body. And Olivia strikes the perfect side pose in this form-fitting dress to show it off.


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It doesn't matter how much weight you gained or didn't gain or if you put those pounds on your belly, butt, or nose (my nose got wider and bigger!). What matters is taking care of yourself and baby in there, and being whatever healthy weight that is healthy for you.

Olivia, and fiancé Jason Sudeikis, seem to be really enjoying these early months of pregnancy. They recently attended a Kanye West concert. Baby's so cool already! (I took my twins to a Wilco concert while they were still gestating. They loved it.)

I also love how Olivia isn't afraid to wear a tight dress to really show off her beautiful pregnancy. And that dress? Gorgeous.

What do you think of Olivia Wilde's pregnancy style? Would you (or did you) wear form-fitting clothes, too?


Image via Splash

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