Kailyn Lowry Brings Awareness to Breastfeeding With Nursing Shot (PHOTO)

kailyn lowryWell, I think this is a first, guys. We have photographic evidence of a Teen Mom breastfeeding her sweet, little baby. Kailyn Lowry, who nursed her first son, Isaac, posted a photo to Instagram recently, breastfeeding her newborn, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin. The photo is incredibly beautiful, and Lowry accompanied the shot with the quote by David Allen: "My opinion is that anybody offended by breastfeeding is staring too hard."

I like that.


It seems that Lowry has decided to take a bit of a different approach with her baby this time around. Although, as I said, she breastfed Isaac, Kailyn's been wearing Lincoln much of the time (as has Javi), and she's even eaten her own placenta. She's going with more of an all-natural, attachment parenting-type of approach, and I think it's really sweet. She's already a mother, and she clearly decided that this way of parenting is what works best for her.

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Sadly, most of the Teen Moms we're used to hearing about in the news or on social media are up to terrible things, and they're the exact opposite of what a role model should be. It's nice to see one of the ladies bringing awareness and attention to a positive issue, like breastfeeding. Love the photo, Kailyn.

Did you breastfeed? Why or why not?


Image via Kailyn Lowry/Instagram

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