Rachel Zoe Wears Stiletto Boots While 9 Months Pregnant -- Is She Nuts? (PHOTO)

Rachel ZoeI guess this really shouldn't be all that shocking considering who she is -- but something about seeing Rachel Zoe wear sky-high heeled boots in her ninth month of pregnancy still has a bit of a "holy cow" factor.

She was spotted out in the stilettos in West Hollywood on Tuesday -- and thank God she was seen grabbing onto her husband Rodger's arm; otherwise, she probably would've toppled right over.

I'm sorry, but I just can't seem to get over women who wear super-high heels during their pregnancy at all -- let alone in their final weeks!


I know Rachel is a bit of a fashionista and all -- but isn't she at all concerned about falling in those things and possibly harming her baby?

I don't care how much of a pro you are at walking in heels. Carrying extra weight up front is enough to make even the most highly skilled heel walker trip and land on the ground.

When I was in my ninth month, I could barely squeeze my swollen feet into a pair of slippers, so heels weren't something I even considered putting on. But even if I hadn't had cankles at that point -- there's no way I would've jeopardized my safety or my baby's simply for the sake of looking like the stylish pregnant chick.

And we all know that's exactly what's going on here. She's not thinking about anything other than looking trendy and keeping up with her reputation. Again -- not really a huge surprise for a celebrity mom, but still. At this point in pregnancy, you need to put comfort and safety before fashion no matter who you are.

Have you given up your heels yet? When do you plan on doing so?


Image via Splash

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