Kate Middleton’s Plans for Prince George’s First Christmas Sound Perfect

kate middletonPsst, got a moment to squee over how wonderful the royal baby's first Christmas is going to be? Of course you do! Here's what we're hearing so far. Kate Middleton's plans for Prince George's first Christmas sound tooth-achingly adorable, and we only wish we could be there with them. If what this palace insider says is true, it sounds like Kate just has such a knack for creating family-time magic around the holidays. Here's what she's got planned.


Will, Kate, and George will spend the holidays at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk with as many as 30 of the Queen's relatives. On the afternoon of the 24th, the royal family will gather to exchange and open gifts. There will be tea and scones, of course, as per royal tradition. "Christmas in previous years has been formal and duty-filled. Timetables and instructions were even handed out to guests," an insider reports. Oh dear, that sounds intense. How ever will Kate make this year's holiday fun?

Charades, of course! We hear Kate is planning a rousing game of charades, and George will be dressed up in a lion's costume. Yes, really. Here's what an insider says about that adorable idea: "There was talk that Michael [Middleton] had a full-blown lion costume prepared [for George to wear], but he obviously thought that would be out of the question at the Palace. But Wills and Kate insisted they’d like him to do it -- and when Prince Charles heard ... he was more excited about it than any of them!”

How cute! Once again, we have to say -- thank goodness Kate is breathing fresh air into the royal family. I'm so glad Prince George is being raised with someone who can keep things light. Will deserves some credit, too. Apparently he's been campaigning to lighten up the holidays as well.

He’s bought a job lot of board games -- the sillier the better. The idea is to play games like Pictionary and charades, which will bring people out of themselves. Anything to break the ice really. Harry’s even suggested bringing a Wii console!

Oh Harry, George is too young for video games! Hold off on that a few more years, please. Haha, I'm kidding. I know the Wii is for the grownups. Can you picture Grandpa Charles, bouncing George in one arm and console in the other hand? Kate's sister, Pippa, has "a thousand tricks up her sleeve" including a mini-Olympics on Christmas Day -- via video game, that is.

So with Kate and her fun family, this is going to be the cutest, most fun Christmas ever. Prince George is so lucky -- I'm sure this is just the beginning. His holidays are going to get better and better as the years go by.

What does your family like to do for fun on the holidays?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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