Kim Zolciak Shows Off Flat Tummy 9 Days After Delivering Twins (PHOTO)

kim zolciakEveryone is making such a fuss about Norwegian mom Caroline Berk Erickson's amazing abs just three days after giving birth ... But get a load of Kim Zolciak! The Real Housewives of Atlanta star delivered twins nine days ago and posted a photo of her post-baby bod. Twins! Your jaw is guaranteed to drop. Take a look.



Amazingly, Kim has whittled back down to a size 4 in under two weeks. It would be one thing if she hadn't gained much weight during her pregnancy, but the reality star had a gigantic 48-inch baby bump. "My belly is almost gone!!!" she wrote before sending the photo. Miraculously slim and trim, she has everyone green with envy. Even her own kids are marveling at it. "How is my mom a size 4 ... it's been 9 days since she gave birth to twins," daughter Brielle tweeted. Is it annoying? Yes. But more so than anything, it's amazing.

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There is no doubt this will be a part of the ongoing debate about the pressure moms face after having a baby. Many feel that this is a form of fat-shaming those who fail to look model-thin after giving birth. The latest controversy kicked off a couple months ago when mom-of-three Maria Kang posted a picture of her toned body with the phrase, "What's your excuse?" Then there was the more recent photo from Berg Eriksen. Some claim they are being cruel, but I say it's just the opposite. There is no shame in celebrating this accomplishment.

I bet Kim is just overjoyed that she is able to look that good after carrying two babies. Not only that, she has had six children and looks incredible. Now that's a feat most women can't even dream of. I know I would be ecstatic and more than happy to show it off. It doesn't mean that she is trying to make other women feel bad or less beautiful.

Do you think Kim's quick slimdown was all natural or did she get help from a plastic surgeon?

Image via Twitter

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