Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher Announce Their Baby-Raising Plans

mila kunis ashton kutcherGuess who's feeling broody now? We hear Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have babies on the brain. And Mila has something very specific in mind: A source tells Radar Online that Mila "definitely wants children with Ashton and wants to raise them in her Jewish religion." Fortunately Ashton is just as excited about the idea of raising his children in the Jewish faith, even if he never converts.

Well great, both parents are in agreement. That helps! No one wants to grow up listening to their parents argue over how they're being raised, especially since Mila plans to hand her babies over to her family. Wait -- she what? Is Ashton on board with that, too?


Yup, this is all about the in-laws. Here's how the source describes Mila's family: "Think Coney Island style Russian immigrants. They want Jewish babies and Mila wants to give them to her family. Tradition is very important.” Okay, so she's not literally giving her family her babies, but it sounds like her family is going to be very important to these kids' upbringing. Hopefully Ashton loves Mila's family as much as she does, because it sounds like he'll be spending a lot of time with them, too.

It's a good idea to sort out these details before you start making the babies. Who knows if Mila and Ashton have -- or if Mila is already pregnant. Ooh, we keep hearing these rumors! But regardless, they should be talking over how they'll spend weekends and holidays, how much say Mila's family will have in things like birthdays and rituals, and how involved Ashton's family will be.

And honestly, you really do need extended family involved if you want to preserve your heritage with your kids. It definitely helps. I know my own ethnic heritage has gotten a bit lost through the generations -- my parents moved far away from their families, and I moved far away from mine. So much for teaching my son Spanish and celebrating Three Kings Day!

Anyway, I hope Mila and Ashton are able to realize their dream of making little Russian Jewish babies -- whatever that means.

How much did you and your SO talk about how to raise your kids before they were born?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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