Jenelle Evans' Son Could Be Paying the Price for His Mom's Fame

jenelle evansJenelle Evans has never exactly been a contender for Mother of the Year. But if the latest accusations against her are to be believed, the Teen Mom star could be far worse than anyone thought. Recently her PR team (yes, she has a PR team) has gone on the defensive to defend her mothering skills. The claims?


Apparently some folks are saying that she only spends time with her 4-year-old son Jace when the MTV cameras are rolling. The official word from her camp on that:

Hmm. While I hope that this is not true, I can't say I would be surprised if it is. Jenelle hasn't always been the most responsible parent. She has been in and out of jail for almost as long as Jace has been alive. She gets into brawls at the drop of a hat, and during a reported domestic dispute last spring, police found 12 bundles of heroin and other drugs in her possession.

As crazy as all this sounds to us, none of that really matters to a little kid. They just want their mother's love. So I can imagine how devastated he will be if he hears that his mom only wants to be around him if it is being filmed. The thought that she may only show him tenderness and her undivided attention for a reality show is just heartbreaking.

But fact of the matter is, Jenelle may not know any other way to parent. The world first heard her story when she was 16 & Pregnant. Now five years later, it's what she is used to. She turns it on for the cameras because, in many ways, that is her job. That's not to say she doesn't love Jace. I think she does. But she still has a great deal of maturing and learning to do when it comes to parenting. She's certainly trying. Let's just hope that happens when the cameras are on and off.

Do you think Jenelle is putting on an act for the cameras?


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