Pregnant Kendra Wilkinson Makes Crazy Joke About Having Another Baby

Kendra WilkinsonShe's only a few months into her pregnancy, but already Kendra Wilkinson insists she's done having kids after baby number two's arrival.

In fact, she's so sure that this will be her last child that, according to a source who talked to RadarOnline, "Kendra does not want anymore kids after this one ... she's even joked that she’s going to get her 'tubes tied.'"

And while some may argue that she's being a little premature in her decision to stop reproducing after two babies -- all I can say is "more power to her."

OMG. Am I the only one who totally understands where she's coming from?


I've been "joking" in a very serious way about getting my tubes tied ever since I was in labor. As nuts as it sounds, I'm thinking Kendra should go ahead and schedule the procedure if she's really certain her baby-making days are over.

I mean, is there really a better time to make a decision like that than when you're pregnant and somewhat miserable? For the most part, I had a very easy pregnancy -- until the last few weeks or so. By then, I was uncomfortable, huge, and so exhausted I could barely see straight. I clearly remember thinking, "I'm just not sure I can ever go through this again."

And even though I've maintained my "one and done" plan for nearly eight years and don't plan on expanding my family -- I have sort of forgotten just how taxing pregnancy is on your body. You know how everyone says you forget the newborn phase and how difficult it is? Yeah, well, I think that theory applies to pregnancy too.

But since Kendra is knocked up now and she knows exactly how it feels, she's in a much more realistic state of mind to go ahead and shoot down the possibility of baby number three. But if she really is just joking about having her tubes tied and isn't seriously considering it -- she may be surprised when she finds herself longing for another little one in a couple of years or so. The longer she waits, the more her biological clock is going to start ticking again. (She's only 28, people.)

Saying you don't want any more kids and actually doing something permanent to make sure you don't have any more kids are two very different things!

Are you done having babies? When did you decide -- during pregnancy or after?


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