Holly Madison's 8-Month-Old Baby Took Some 'Selfies' -- Check Them Out! (PHOTO)

holly madison rainbow selfiesNot that you need an excuse to look at a cute photo of a baby, but you have to look at these cute photos of a baby. They're "selfies" of Holly Madison's baby Rainbow, taken by her husband Pasquale Rotella. And they're screamingly adorable. Forget that I'm supposed to be rolling my eyes at the very idea of staged baby selfies. I don't even care about that. These photos are just too cute.

"I guess you are never too young to take a selfie!" Rotella captioned on Holly's blog. He actually posed Rainbow with her arm out in both photos. How did he do that? And best of all, no duck lips. Just those huge, baby blue eyes and an open mouth. You guys, this could become a trend.


Maybe I don't have enough friends with babies ... who are silly enough to pose those babies in mock selfies. But I've never seen this idea before now. Which means you should try it with your baby! Go on -- you don't have to tell anyone where you got this idea. Pretend it was yours. Indulge in just one little cheesy social media trend with your little booboo.

Because once your baby is old enough to really take her own selfies and post them, it'll be totally different. You know what, though? I wonder if selfies will even be a thing by then. Ten years from now (I know, I'm being optimistic about what age a child posts their first selfie), selfies may be left way behind. Who knows what the kids will be doing then. Kind of makes this baby selfie look a little innocent, doesn't it?

What do you think of doing baby selfies? Cute or cheesy?


Image via Holly Madison/Facebook

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