Drew Barrymore Is Adding a Third 'Baby' to Her Family -- at the Wrong Time!

drew barrymore pregnantDrew Barrymore, who, as you may have heard, is pregnant with her second child, just adopted another dog for her daughter, Olive. So sweet, right? What toddler wouldn't love a fluffy pup to play with? To take naps with? To walk? Dogs and babies are the best, aren't they? But, Mamas-to-Be, a piece of advice for you: Don't get a dog when you're pregnant.


I have a dog and he's awesome. His name is Onion and he's a shih tzu. He's so cute, and my daughter loves him. Actually, "Onion," or a variation of, was one of her first words. But let me tell you, he definitely made things more difficult when we brought our daughter home. He's a barker and he woke her more times than I'd care to admit in the beginning. He also wouldn't stop trying to jump onto the bassinet when she was sleeping. And having to walk him (in the rain) after my husband went back to work was a huge pain in the butt. I love him to pieces, but ... I definitely wouldn't recommend first getting a dog when you're pregnant. Wait until you give birth. Guarantee you, your thoughts on pets will change then.

On the other hand, though, Drew isn't your average Jane. She's a very rich and famous actress, who surely has lots of help. She seems like a fantastic mom and a lovely person, but I don't imagine there will ever be a situation in which Drew is scrambling to get both kids and the dog out the door while it's pouring rain. So I guess in that case, yeah, why not get another dog?

How did your dog react to your baby?


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