Kristin Cavallari's Pregnancy: All the Details So Far!

Kristin CavallariI'm not sure what the deal is, but somewhere over the past year or so, I developed a bit of a girl crush on Kristin Cavallari. Maybe it's because she's a mom now. Or maybe it's due to the fact that despite her fame from The Hills, she seems relatively down-to-earth and "normal." Whatever the case, I couldn't be happier for her when she announced the news that she's expecting baby number two!

So far, Kristin's second pregnancy is going along famously, though she has had a few bumps in the road that have made things a little challenging. Still, it sounds like she and Jay Cutler are so excited about adding to their family, based on comments she's made about being pregnant.


Here's the scoop on Kristin's pregnancy -- well, at least what we know so far!

  1. She'll be happy with a baby boy or girl -- Since Kristin is only four months pregnant, she doesn't yet know whether she'll be bringing home her new baby in pink or blue. But she's cool either way. She told E! News, "I honestly don't care, I mean there's great things about both. Another boy would be fun, Cam would have a little buddy and then I'd be the woman of the house ... but of course I want a little girl, so I don't know. Either one would be great." Wow. She has such a great attitude. A lot of moms have a strong preference for having a boy or girl, so it's great that she's open to both.
  2. She's not spilling the beans -- Once she does find out what she's having, Kristin and Jay are keeping the baby's sex a secret. It looks like we'll have to wait until she delivers to find out! Whoa. I don't know how she's going to keep that one under wraps -- and odds are good she'll slip up at some point by referring to the baby as "he" or "she." It's only natural, right?
  3. Her pregnancy is a piece of cake -- So far, Kristin admits things have been a breeze with baby number two, just as they were when she was pregnant with her son Camden. But she's a lucky duck, because many moms find their second pregnancies harder or much different than the first. (Kind of makes you wonder if she's having another boy, since this pregnancy mirrors her last?)
  4. She's had sugar cravings -- Kristin admits having a sweet tooth and going through a "heavy sugar" phase, something she also experienced during her first pregnancy. They say women crave what their body needs while expecting -- so maybe her normally healthy diet isn't sweet enough for her baby-to-be?
  5. She developed acne -- Yep. Acne. As in zits. And guess what made Kristin break out? All that sugar. She believes it "poisoned" her body and shocked her system, leading her to have skin like a teenager again. But at least it went away. Some women have to deal with really bizarre pregnancy symptoms that don't subside so easily.
  6. She expects Camden to be jealous -- Kristin realizes that having a new baby around will be an adjustment for her son, but she's always said she wanted her children close in age, hence getting preggo again when he's only a year old. But based on what some other moms say about having babies close together, it sounds like she's in for an amazing experience.
  7. She's not letting pregnancy ruin her style -- I know it's still early, but check out Kristin's leather pants in the photo above. (Leather!) It's obvious she has no intention of giving in to pregnancy frump. Of course, that's easier said than done for a lot of moms -- for whom pregnancy is not the least bit sexy at all.

Has your pregnancy been anything like Kristin's?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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