Jenelle Evans Could Be Headed for 'Mom of the Year'

jenelle evANSFormer Teen Mom star (and resident delinquent) Jenelle Evans has made it clear that she is back on the straight-and-narrow. I'll admit I was skeptical at first, but it looks like she has no intention of falling off the wagon any time soon. Since as early as this summer, she seemed intent on finding stability in her private life and rebuilding her relationship with her toddler Jace. With the exception of the odd Twitter-feud, it looks like she's made real progress. She's still with boyfriend Nathan Griffith, and she's still -- as far as we know -- abstaining from the use of cigarettes, booze, and drugs.

Now when she tweets, she's not throwing shade, she's sharing her more domestic side -- and it's so sweet that I might need a shot of insulin to cope. A recent tweet she shared about cooking breakfast was remarkable only for its everyday qualities. We're so used to a Jenelle who only ever raised hell that the idea of a Jenelle who fries eggs is pretty shocking.


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There are probably several reasons for her change of heart. A large portion of this new and reformed Jenelle probably comes from simply growing up. Admittedly, it's not like age alone cures addiction, but I think she probably reached a point in her life where she realized the time had come to make a change if she wanted to have a relationship with Jace. She's not the same new-mom she was when we first met her. She's also no longer hanging around with toxic romantic partners like Kieffer Delp. Jenelle seems to be dating someone who supports the idea of her living her best life -- her relationship with her son is central to that.

While it might seem like nothing, Jenelle's pride over making a morning meal for her family is a real milestone. It's proof that Jenelle's priorities have shifted. She's no longer only interested in parties, drugs, and feuds -- she's making her young son Jace a central force in her life. I think it's awesome to see Jenelle stepping up and becoming the type of mom we all knew she could be. Here's hoping we hear more good news soon!

Do you think Jenelle is reformed for good?


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