Melissa Rycroft Reveals Baby's Gender in the Sweetest Possible Way

Melissa Rycroft and family

OMG. This is so adorable, you aren't going to be able to stand it. Now that the news is out that she's expecting baby number two with husband Tye Strickland, I guess there was really no need to keep the details of her pregnancy under wraps. Bachelor alum Melissa Rycroft has revealed her baby's gender -- but just wait until you hear how she broke the news to her family.

Instead of showing them the ultrasound photo or simply flat out telling them whether she's expecting a boy or a girl -- Melissa decided to get a bit more creative and spill the beans in a very sweet way.


She held a small gathering and had cupcakes prepared for the group to enjoy with the color blue or pink inside to reveal the baby's sex. And then she had her 2-year-old daughter, Ava, bite into the first cupcake -- which was a lovely shade of BLUE!

Yep -- Melissa is having a boy. (One of each. You gotta love it.) And while she admits being so excited, it sounds like Tye is even more over the moon about raising a son. She told Us Weekly:

Tye, he's such a guy's guy, so personally I'm really happy he gets to do all his boy stuff. It's so funny the first thing out of his mouth was, 'I feel so much responsibility now!' I was like, 'Um have you not felt it the past two and a half years?' I guess there's something to be said about the same sex parent taking the bulk of [responsibility].

She went on to talk about how she teaches Ava ballet and all kinds of girly stuff and added: "Now it's kind of his turn to teach somebody how to throw and catch a ball and go outside and find worms."

But let's get back to that gender reveal -- aren't you absolutely loving how Melissa made sure Ava was such a huge part of announcing her baby sibling's sex to the rest of the family? It just goes to show what a great mom she is and how important her little girl is to her. Aww. I know she thinks Tye is the one who will enjoy doing all the "guy" stuff with their new edition -- but something tells me she's going to have the "boy mom" thing down in no time. (Oh, Melissa -- you just wait ... you're going to fall in love!)

How did you announce the sex of your baby?


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